Specialising in Kundalini Massage, Crystal and Obsidian Therapy

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A diploma for healers and therapists to learn how to use Crystals, Obsidian and Kundalini to help others.


Crystals are a naturally occurring, widely available and ancient resource that can give us the opportunity to connect with ourselves; they support healing and shift and lift our energy while bringing joy back to our lives.

I use three different techniques that can support you with your inner journey of healing, promoting wellbeing and increasing energy levels as well as helping you to gain a more positive outlook on life.

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Often, our energy is stagnant and we can not access all that is available within ourselves due to blocked chakras. For many different reasons, such as upsets in life, trauma or unfelt emotions our chakras can be unbalanced, blocked, or even broken.

This therapy, seeks to clean, repair and heal the chakras with the use of crystals allowing them to work more effectively. Chakras nourish organs and systems, Meridians and Nadis, and when in balance, they provide a connection to and positive impact on the physical, emotional and mental bodies. They work on the energetic bodies to crystalise in the physical body.


Per treatment session

  • Adult £80

6 week course of treatments – 1 hour appointment weekly

  • Adult £450
  • Children £350

Obsidian Therapy

This therapy uses different Obsidian geometries that help to heal the physical, emotional and mental body, finding, feeling and releasing emotions that have become hidden or stuck. The feeling of emotions is what will allow our energies to flow and to help avoid sickness.

This Healing Method with Obsidian involves working consciously with different archetypes, integrating them with the help of meditations, dream interpretation and study of body symptoms to find out what they can tell us.

Many case studies of this therapy have been carried out. These studies have reported benefits for clients with health challenges including multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and all issues connected to the female reproductive system such as myomas, endometriosis, cysts and menstrual cycle and pre - post menopause balancing management.

Recommended 12 month course of treatments – 1 hour appointment monthly.


Obsidian geometries prices on request.

  • Adult £80

Kundalini Massage

Kundalini Massage is a healing method applied to the physical body, massaging the spine from the coccyx all the way up the spinal column to the head, using both crystals and obsidian.

This method can help the human energy system to heal the body’s immune, nervous, and urinary systems while unblocking all remaining stagnant energy.

This method aims at activating the kundalini energy that is the originator of life energy. It can help to heal many modern-day chronic illnesses and health challenges including those related to a weakened immune system, fatigue, mental wellbeing and unresolved trauma and pain, supporting and balancing emotions.


Per treatment session

  • Adult £80

6 week course of treatments – 1 hour appointment weekly

  • Adult £450
  • Children £350

for healing

The five module self-healing course “Obsidian Geometries for Healing” offered online, consists of the study of some of the Obsidian geometries. These energetic healing tools affect in a positive way the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

What will I learn?

During the five months, you will learn about and experience the profound therapeutic benefit of the geometries through your own therapeutic process and personal use of the geometries.

Working under my guidance as a certified therapist, ensuring safety and the greatest therapeutic benefit, you will learn how to use  Obsidian geometries in your personal life. As you work through each module, the cumulative benefits will unfold as the energy fields harmonise. You will learn how to use these valuable tools to prevent the onset of ill-health and promote healing in a natural way.

Module 1: Omi - Tit
Module 2: Ixtli-Ankh
Module 3: Osiris- Mariposa (butterfly)
Module 4: Urantia - Thot
Module 5: Tezcatlipoca - Keops

Experience the benefits of long-term use of obsidian.

Obsidian will move any stagnant energy. You will first experience a process of purification on a physical level, which will allow you to bring into balance your energy flow. After this, you will experience a clearer and deeper connection with your emotions. Connecting with the unconscious, with dreams and opening to self-realisations will clarify the conflicts that you have recognised on an emotional level.

With an increased and clearer perception of reality and the transits in life, you can feel expanded and uplifted with a more positive outlook on life. A natural willingness to accept change and transformation occurs. This allows us to free ourselves from self-imposed limitations. When we connect more with our true self, there is more self-knowledge and more connection to the world we live in. When we get to know ourselves better, we start to love ourselves and others around us more.

Free live webinar: Thursday 25th November, 7:00 pm London time

Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm (approx) London time

  • Module 1: Omi  – Thursday 2nd December
  • Module 2: Ixtli – Thursday 6th January 2022
  • Module 3: Osiris – Thursday 3rd February
  • Module 4: Urantia – Thursday 3rd March
  • Module 5: Tezca  –Thursday 7th April

Also offered in Spanish / en Espanol – see course dates/times

This is a 5 module course; each module costs £30 to be paid in one sum up front. Cost of the Obsidian Geometries on request. 

Online Course Diploma Healing with Crystals & Obsidian

Learn all about this healing method using Quartz Crystals, massage and Obsidian in this three-module course. The method allows for the information stored within the Chakras, Nadis and Meridians to be transformed.

What will I learn?

This course is for therapists, healers, meditators, those who are dedicated to health and anyone who wishes to work with their energy to achieve balance, healing, energy tuning, inner clarity and a vital improvement to their quality of life. Upon successful completion of studies and practices, a certificate will be issued to the student by the International Society of Obsidian Therapists "Ana Silvia Serrano, A.C."

There is no prerequisite to have knowledge of energy management prior to taking the course. Students must be over 18 years of age. This course is a compulsory subject for all those interested in studying for the ‘Therapists Healing with Obsidian Geometries’  course endorsed by the International Society of Obsidian Therapists "Ana Silvia Serrano", S.C. and the Mexican Ministry of Education.

There are 3 parts to the diploma:


    • Module 1:   Learn how to apply the healing method to yourself.
    • Module 2: Learn how to apply the healing method to others.



Learn to use Crystal & Obsidian Therapy to move and release any stagnant or blocked energy. When all the chakras are synchronized, they work in alignment with the endocrine system. This increases the flow of energy which is beneficial for the wellbeing of all organs and systems, balancing the physical and spiritual bodies.

Module 1: Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th May 2022, 2 pm - 8 pm London time. Learn how to apply the healing method to yourself.

Module 2: Saturday 17th  & Sunday 18th June 2022, 2 pm - 8 pm London time. Learn how to apply the healing method to others.

Kundalini Massage Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th July 2022, 2 pm - 8 pm  London time.

Healing with Obsidian Geometries 11 monthly modules (from September 2022-July 2023), 2 - 8 pm London Time

  • Module I Saturday 10th September 2022
  • Module 2 Saturday 8th October 2022
  • Module 3 Saturday 12th November 2022
  • Module 4 Saturday 10th December 2022
  • Module 5 Saturday 14th January 2023 & Sunday 15th January 2023
  • Module 6 Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th February 2023
  • Module 7 Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th March 2023
  • Module 8 Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd April 2023
  • Module 9 Saturday 20th & 21st May 2023
  • Module 10 Saturday 24th & 25th June 2023
  • Module 11 Saturday July 13th & Sunday 14th 2023
  • Diploma “Healing with Crystals and Obsidian Module I” – £300
  • Diploma “Healing with Crystals and Obsidian Module II” – £300
  • Diploma “Kundalini Massage” – £300

    Note: prices of the Diploma Healing with Crystals and Kundalini Massage include the crystals sets.

  • Diploma “Healing with Obsidian Geometries” 11 months programme - £200 per month (or total £2200)

Self-healing Course With Crystals

This 6-week online self-healing course teaches techniques for using crystals and minerals that allow the transformation of information in the Chakras, Nadis and Meridians. It is offered both for women and men, aged over 18 years old. Also available Self-healing course with Crystals for 11-17 year olds. 

What will I learn?

This self-healing course aims to teach this valuable technique using crystals and minerals that allow the transformation of information in the Chakras, Nadis and Meridians. Thus, increasing the flow of energy and balancing the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

This series is aimed at everyone who is feeling in this difficult time-stressed, helpless, anguished, depressed and therefore wish to work with their energy to achieve balance, healing, calm, serenity, inner clarity and a significant improvement in quality of life and well-being.

The course consists of 6 sessions, once a week starting in November 2021. 


Hours: 4 pm - 5 pm London time


  • 1st session Date: Saturday, November 13th
  • 2nd session Date: Saturday, November 20th
  • 3rd session Date: Saturday, November 27th
  • 4th session Date: Saturday, December 4th
  • 5th session Date: Sunday, December 12th
  • 6th session Date: Saturday, December 18th


Hours: 4 pm – 5 pm London time

  • 1st session Date: Saturday, January 15th
  • 2nd session Date: Saturday, January 22nd
  • 3rd session Date: Saturday, January 29th
  • 4th session Date: Saturday, February 5th
  • 5th session Date: Saturday, February 12th
  • 6th session Date: Saturday, February 19th

£30 per session (costs of the crystal kits are in addition to course fees.) Fees for 6 sessions to be paid upfront.


I teach yoga at beginners level for adults and teens. I am a fully qualified Yoga Teacher trained in Vaisnava Yoga Ashram in Punta del Este, Uruguay and Rainbow Kids London. My influences are Vinyasa, Satyananda and Iyengar yoga which result in a good blend of asana practice with a meditative focus. A class will always include Pranayama (yogic breathing) and a strong emphasis on students particular health needs and safe practice. I feel passionate about yoga and love to share my practice; I sometimes incorporate crystals and my Native American flute for our relaxation.

I am currently teaching adults yoga at CLC Cheltenham Ladies College Sports Centre for its members and for the CLC school girls students under the Wellbeing Programme. 

Video Testimonials


  • I began my journey of finding my spiritual side some months ago because I felt as if I needed to! I was told on more than one occasion that I need to look into Crystal Therapy, and Valentina’s name was recommended. I cannot recommend this wonderful lady enough, she has opened my mind to a world I kind of knew existed but had never experienced. Having completed her questionnaire and consultation she took me on a journey to balance my Chakras, a six-week journey in which there were a couple of blockages on the way, which quickly cleared with guidance from Valentina, and on the way, I met some wonderful guides to help me on my way, and when I reached the end of this path when the Chakras balanced and the energy was moving I saw myself surrounded in a beautiful blue light. I am now going on to follow my journey to do some more work with Valentina and the Obsidian, and their amazing therapeutic but subtle energy. With Love and Light.

    Mick S. – Sports Therapist, Plymouth, UK
  • “Just wanted to write a big thank you to Valentina for the last 5 x months of therapy.
    With her support and knowledge she helped me face a critic illness and start to get ahead of it.
    I look forward to continuing our work together and sharing her skills with my family and friends
    Again many thanks”

    Jonathan S., April 2021, CEO Advertising Agency, UK
  • Valentina has been my crystal therapist for the last six weeks and I have been amazed how much I have benefited from this. Initially, I was very sceptical as I had relied on anti-depressants and pain killers for my backache from two vehicle collisions for many years. I am now hooked on what crystal therapy can do. If you have never tried this, I strongly suggest you do. At the start of the treatment, I would often suffer from headaches afterwards or would feel dizzy as though I had just come off a boat! I also suffered from some aches and pains, or be really tired, but as time went by all these symptoms became either less or sporadic. I now know this was the way in which my body was re-adjusting and shifting the negative energy from within. I began to feel as though I had more energy and began to sleep better, my sodalite became my soothing blankie! I am in debt to Valentina who is a great therapist as well as a true friend.

    Susan M, April 2019, Private Investigator, Canada
  • Personally, entering the world of Obsidian treatment has been a great transformation. Suddenly, I met a person who no longer silenced her voice and made her heard. I started to say more clearly what I liked and what I did not. I dared to confront and face situations that before I been postponing. It was like if everything I had swept for years under the carpet came to light and I had to take charge. The veil was removed and the truth was there: either face it or leave things still the same. My family had to get used to my new way of standing at home. But in the long term it has been for the best. Now I feel we can be more honest with each other and better relationships are built. Today I feel stronger and more empowered with myself. I learned to listen to myself and not hide what I feel or think. I grew as a person and improved many aspects of my life thanks to these changes. The journey continues. Thanks Valen for this journey which sometimes hasn’t been easy but surely is very rewarding and healing.

    Veronica C, Journalist, Project Manager, March 2019, Uruguay
  • I had Valentina’s six weeks crystal course in Crystal Therapy last year and I found the whole experience absolute fantastic. Not only with were the individual sessions very relaxing but I also found that over the space of 6 weeks, I was really able to make some really good emotional shifts, moving forward in life. Over the course of the time felt more energised, felt more able to deal with some of the challenges I had. In term of a positive outlook on life and clearing things out of the way it was an absolute fantastic therapy and I I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to move forward in life.

    View video testimonial

    Kirsty T, Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Bioresonance & RTT™ Practitioner
  • The Kundalini massage sessions I had with Valentina were always relaxing and over the course of the few weeks I started to feel clearer in the mind, which in turn meant I was less short tempered particularly with my children and had a calmer approach to life’s smaller stresses. Valentina always kept me informed about what she was doing and why,  and though I was surprised at the vigour used in this type of massage technique, very quickly Valentina put me at ease so I could feel maximum benefit. I can’t say for sure whether my slight increase in energy and overall feeling of less tiredness was a direct result of Valentina‘s treatment or simply psychosomatic but as she explained how linked our minds and bodies are, either way it worked. Valentina is a dedicated practitioner who truly believes in the benefits of what she is doing and I thoroughly enjoyed being one of her cases.

    Mahiri J, Teacher & Air Steward, November 2018, UK
  • I started this experiment with a very open mind not knowing what to expect; I am a single mother to four boys with a very stressful lifestyle. My first week was good but not knowing what I was to experience was a little unnerving but it was so relaxing I forgot all my fears and found myself so looking forward to the next week! The subsequent weeks were such a joy for me and the relief I found and the elevation of stress was remarkable, after my first few sessions I could not believe the heat and release that came out of my body and the calm I felt! In total to summarise it was a truly fantastic experience with so much happiness and relaxation like I’d not felt in years. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough and I’ll definitely be going back for more.

    Emma M, Mother & Hairdresser, September 2018, UK
  • Valentina is a passionate and extremely devoted healer. I approached her with a knee injury because I was looking for a more holistic treatment. I believed that my injury was due to internal and emotional blocks. Valentina recommended a six weeks course of Kundalini massage of my spine and the use of Ixtly the Obsidian disc. She was extremely thorough and during each session, before the massage we discussed my well-being, dreams and progress. My knee is now healed! I would like to highlight that the most important outcome from this treatment has been the positive impact it has had on my family, friends and work. I feel able to communicate and articulate my feelings and emotions more clearly and therefore creating a calmer and harmonious environment. When we confront our emotions from within, our external life begins to respond in a kinder and more positive way.”

    Moira J, Spanish & French Tutor, March 2019 UK
  • Valentina has been guiding me through the Obsidian Geometries for Healing course during the pandemic lockdown. This amazing course involves deep work with obsidian to uncover the shadow and help release energetic blockages. It has really highlighted to me the importance of having a guide and framework when working with this powerful crystal. Valentina is a warm and generous teacher whose light clearly shines through. She provides a loving space to explore feelings and emotions that come up from this work and insights to help you move forward. I absolutely recommend Valentina as spiritual guide and teacher and the obsidian course she offers.

    Susan J, Herbalist, June 2020, London, UK
  • The Obsidian Therapy sessions with Valentina have been incredibly enlightening; not only with regards to the alleviation of various ailments, but in encouraging deeper levels of self-reflection. Often we forget to observe our own inner thought processes and the impact this has on our physical being. I’m looking forward to enjoying less pain, better quality sleep and increased energy levels as a result of our work together.

    Emilia T, Project Co-ordinator, Jan 2019, UK

About Me

My name is Valentina Correa Bove. I have a Masters in Crystal, Obsidian and Kundalini Massage Therapy certified by the International Society of Obsidian Therapists. I am a Therapist and Teacher of these techniques.

Over the past twenty years I have developed a profound interest in personal and spiritual development. I am passionate about healing with crystals, Vedic Astrology, Jungian Dream Interpretation and yoga practice.

Over the last four years I been training and gaining extensive experience, in the crystals and Obsidian healing therapy method developed by my teacher and mentor, Master Ana Silvia Serrano.

Ana Silvia Serrano has written a number of books on healing with Obsidian, her method is endorsed by the Secretary of Public Health in Mexico and she teaches the method worldwide.

I work and live in Cheltenham, England. I offer my therapies in a local Clinic both with clients face to face and remotely, reaching clients across England, Uruguay, Brazil, Spain, Canada, Australia and Egypt. I teach courses on Healing with Obsidian and Crystals both in the UK and online.

I have a family of three children and enjoy walking in nature, travelling, diving and practicing and teaching yoga.