The pawanmuktasana series is one of the most important series of yoga practices that has a profound effect on the human body and mind. Thus allowing us to maintain good health and balance. It is a special contribution to Bihar School of Yoga and the teachings of Paramahamsa Satyananda. I was one of their students […]

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    IXCHELL DROPS (The Obsidian Essence info by SITO – Sociedad Internacional de Terapeutas de Obsidiana “Ana Silvia Serrano” S.C. The methodology of obsidian healing by Ana Silvia Serrano Osornio is under Copyright © IXCHELL, the Obsidian essence, invokes the Mayan Goddess of Fertility, Textiles, Fishing and the Ocean Waters. Prepared using ancestral techniques Ixchell works […]

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  • BLUE LACE AGATE To bring us the qualities of better communication

    Blue Lace Agate frees up the throat chakra – 5th Chakra- and our 6th -Chakra-, facilitating the expression of thoughts and emotions. With its high vibration and coolness (due to its colour) it brings calmness, allowing us to decrease stress levels and connect with our emotions deeper. Promotes peace and awareness by activating the energy […]

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  • Amethyst clusters and geodes: For our protection and opening further to love

    Amethysts from the Heart Stone area of ​​Uruguay Today, considering what we are all experiencing at planetary level with all the challenges that bring us ahead, what a wonderful opportunity we have to use a crystal that offers us to open our hearts and raise our frequencies to be able to collaborate and cooperate with […]

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  • Crystal therapy an effective tool for our well-being and health

    What is crystal therapy? The origin of crystal therapy takes us to ancient civilizations: the Lemurians and Atlanteans (1) who lived more than tens of thousands of years ago on Earth and used crystals as sources of energy and healing. They left us their legacy through ancient civilizations such as ancient Egypt, Tibet, the Mayas […]

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