Crystal therapy an effective tool for our well-being and health

What is crystal therapy? The origin of crystal therapy takes us to ancient civilizations: the Lemurians and Atlanteans (1) who lived more than tens of thousands of years ago on Earth and used crystals as sources of energy and healing. They left us their legacy through ancient civilizations such as ancient Egypt, Tibet, the Mayas […]

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  • Amethysts from the area of the Heart Stone in Uruguay

    I share with you these Amethysts from Uruguay with their particular deep color and their very special energy coming from the Piedra del Corazón area of ​​Uruguay. On my last trip to Uruguay, I have been blessed to visit the guardian of a very particular Agate Stone called Piedra del Corazon that has healing properties […]

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  • Crystal Therapy for our Evolution

    “Crystal therapy for our evolution”. Evoluciona international Congress – Mundo Holistico, ONLINE October 2020. This October I was invited to participate with a talk at the opening of the International Congress: Evoluciona, from Mundo Holistico along with 33 International Therapists. My presentation was on Crystal Therapy for our Evolution. I briefly share some reflections: “What […]

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