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Crystal Therapy

Crystals are a naturally occurring, widely available and ancient resource that can give us the opportunity to connect with ourselves; they support healing and shift and lift our energy while bringing joy back to our lives.

Often, our energy is stagnant and we can not access all that is available within ourselves due to blocked chakras. For many different reasons, such as upsets in life, trauma or unfelt emotions our chakras can be unbalanced, blocked, or even broken.

This therapy seeks to clean, repair and heal the chakras with the use of crystals allowing them to work more effectively. Chakras nourish organs and systems, Meridians and Nadis, and when in balance, they provide a connection to and positive impact on the physical, emotional and mental bodies. They work on the energetic bodies to crystalise in the physical body.

What Is The Cost?

The initial 20-minute consultation is free. This will explore your needs and how we may be able to work to help you.

Per treatment session

  • Adult £80

6-week course of treatments – 1-hour appointment weekly

  • Adult £450
  • Children £350

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Valentina Correa Bove

About Valentina

My name is Valentina Correa Bove. I have a Masters in Crystal, Obsidian and Kundalini Massage Therapy certified by the International Society of Obsidian Therapists. I am a Therapist and Teacher of these techniques.

Over the past twenty years I have developed a profound interest in personal and spiritual development. I am passionate about healing with crystals, Vedic Astrology, Jungian Dream Interpretation and yoga practice.

Over the last four years, I have been training and gaining extensive experience, in the crystals and Obsidian healing therapy method developed by my teacher and mentor, Master Ana Silvia Serrano.

ObsidianMX LogoAna Silvia Serrano has written a number of books on healing with Obsidian, her method is endorsed by the Secretary of Public Health in Mexico and she teaches the method worldwide.

I work and live in Cheltenham, England. I offer my therapies in a local Clinic both with clients face to face and remotely, reaching clients across England, Uruguay, Brazil, Spain, Canada, Australia and Egypt. I teach courses on Healing with Obsidian and Crystals both in the UK and online.

I have a family of three children and enjoy walking in nature, travelling, diving and practising and teaching yoga.