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Guided Self Healing Course

The five-module self-healing course “Obsidian Geometries for Healing” offered online via Zoom, consists of the study of some of the Obsidian geometries. These energetic healing tools affect in a positive way the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to know how Obsidian Geometries work and if you want to benefit from using these valuable tools that will prevent the onset of ill-health and promote healing in a natural way.

What Will I Learn?

This is an introductory course, for personal use, where you can learn all about the healing properties of the obsidian geometries under this healing method created by Researcher and Author Master Ana Silvia Serrano.

This course comprises 5 modules during a period of 5 months. When we will be meeting online once a month for approx. 2 hours. During the period of the course, you will work under my guidance using the obsidian geometries ensuring safety and the greatest therapeutic benefit. As you progress through each module, the cumulative benefits of the use of obsidian unfold as the body purifies and the subtle bodies harmonise.

This healing method is a holistic vibrational medicine using the Obsidian geometries that are shapes carved from black obsidian that have a reverberation and frequency.

Frequencies are the medicine of the future. If we can learn how to work with our chakras, keeping our energetic body balanced and stay grounded while connected and vibrating with the earth and cosmos frequencies we can experience wellbeing and maintenance of good health.


In the first module, we will learn about Omi, the obsidian belly button that we use at the navel. It helps us focus our energy by mobilizing it and nourishing all the energy to the whole body, optimizing organs and systems, increasing circulation and also raising energy.

With each personal geometry we will study a spiritual geometry: Tit, the knot of Isis which opens paths, connects us to love and also brings protection.


Ixtly, the obsidian disc works with the energy of the physical body. Working with a specific methodology. It helps to clean and purify the energetic bodies allowing a good functioning of organs and systems. Ixlty Cleanses the fields, canals, chakras. We will also look at its topic use in our body to help with inflammation and pain.

Ank, the Egyptian cross helps us in the spiritual body to withdraw dense energy from other dimensions and as protection.


Osiris, the obsidian egg, works with the feminine energy (both for women and men). Helps us to dissolve all the parts of the energy that is blocked from our patriarchal belief system. It also helps us, women, to heal the female reproductive.

The obsidian butterfly: it is a symbol of the union of the couple but also of the yin and yang energy. Working at a symbolic level of the unconscious helps us to heal.  


Urantia, the obsidian sphere, represents the earth. Urantia works with emotions. Works with the memories and transmute them. It balances our emotions.

Thot, the labyrinth, is a spiritual geometry that works at the level of super-consciousness to open doors and achieve balance in thought. It helps us develop further the more intuitive part of our perception.


Tezcaltipoca, the Obsidian Mirror, will help us to see childhood memories that are in our unconsciousness that we cannot remember, and maybe also memories of past lives. It helps us to complete our history. Having already done omi, ixtly, Osiris we are already energetically calibrated to be able to see things that emerge from each of the participants in the course.

What Are The Benefits?

Experience the benefits of long-term use of obsidian.

Obsidian will move any stagnant energy. You will first experience a process of purification on a physical level, which will allow you to bring into balance your energy flow. After this, you will experience a clearer and deeper connection with your emotions. Connecting with the unconscious, with dreams and opening to self-realisations will clarify the conflicts that you have recognised on an emotional level.

With an increased and clearer perception of reality and the transits in life, you can feel expanded and uplifted with a more positive outlook on life. A natural willingness to accept change and transformation occurs. This allows us to free ourselves from self-imposed limitations. When we connect more with our true self, there is more self-knowledge and more connection to the world we live in. When we get to know ourselves better, we start to love ourselves and others around us more.

When is the course

The course consists of 5 x 2-hour sessions, held once per month, normally on Thursdays, starting at 7 pm GMT.

Hours: 7 pm - 9 pm London time

  • FREE INTRODUCTORY WEBINAR Saturday 25th November
  • 1st session Module 1: "Omi" Thursday 2nd December
  • 2nd session Module 2: "Ixtli" Thursday 6th January 2022
  • 3rd session Module 3: "Osiris" – Thursday 3rd February
  • 4th session Module 4: "Urantia" – Thursday 3rd March
  • 5th session Module 5: "Tezca" –Thursday 7th April

What Is The Cost?

The initial webinar is free. This is a taster of what you can expect in the course.

The course is £150 (£30 per session) paid upfront or before each session. Costs of the obsidian geometries if needed are in addition to course fees.

If you miss a session, we can do a 1-1 catch up session for an additional fee. Book a 1-1 catch up here.

Register Here: Obsidian Geometries For Healing


"I had Valentina’s six weeks crystal course in Crystal Therapy last year and I found the whole experience absolutely fantastic. Not only were the individual sessions very relaxing but I also found that over the space of 6 weeks, I was really able to make some really good emotional shifts, moving forward in life. Over the course of time felt more energized, felt more able to deal with some of the challenges I had. In term of a positive outlook on life and clearing things out of the way it was an absolute fantastic therapy and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to move forward in life."


"Valentina has been guiding me through the Obsidian Geometries for Healing course during the pandemic lockdown. This amazing course involves deep work with obsidian to uncover the shadow and help release energetic blockages. It has really highlighted to me the importance of having a guide and framework when working with this powerful crystal. Valentina is a warm and generous teacher whose light clearly shines through. She provides a loving space to explore feelings and emotions that come up from this work and insights to help you move forward. I absolutely recommend Valentina as spiritual guide and teacher and the obsidian course she offers."


Obsidian Therapy Course

About Valentina

My name is Valentina Correa Bove. I have a Masters in Crystal, Obsidian and Kundalini Massage Therapy certified by the International Society of Obsidian Therapists. I am a Therapist and Teacher of these techniques.

Over the past twenty years I have developed a profound interest in personal and spiritual development. I am passionate about healing with crystals, Vedic Astrology, Jungian Dream Interpretation and yoga practice.

Over the last four years, I have been training and gaining extensive experience, in the crystals and Obsidian healing therapy method developed by my teacher and mentor, Master Ana Silvia Serrano.

ObsidianMX LogoAna Silvia Serrano has written a number of books on healing with Obsidian, her method is endorsed by the Secretary of Public Health in Mexico and she teaches the method worldwide.

I work and live in Cheltenham, England. I offer my therapies in a local Clinic both with clients face to face and remotely, reaching clients across England, Uruguay, Brazil, Spain, Canada, Australia and Egypt. I teach courses on Healing with Obsidian and Crystals both in the UK and online.

I have a family of three children and enjoy walking in nature, travelling, diving and practising and teaching yoga.